Winter 2019/2020

Picture of marathon runners

Taking Wellness Personally

SBH physicians feel strongly about their patients staying healthy because good health plays such a big part in their own lives. Here is a look at how several stay in shape regardless of their long work […]

Picture of african female doctor talking with ederly patient

Women In Medicine

By Steven Clark It was 1980, a very different time for women in medicine, when Dr. Judith Berger, a freshly minted medical school graduate waddled into a Brooklyn hospital to begin her internship. She was seven […]

Interventional Radiology Changes the Face of Medicine

Interventional radiology, the medical specialty that provides minimally invasive image-guided diagnosis and disease treatment, has been called “the surgery of the new millennium.” By using such technologies as digital subtraction flouroscopy, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance […]

SBH Embraces Care of Older Patients

As a geriatrician Dr. Joel Sender, Division Director, Geriatrics at SBH, knows that a hospital’s primary burden in treating older inpatients is to make sure the patient’s functional status remains high and the likelihood of delirium […]