Author: Kenneth Ho

Beyond the Lab Coat

By Steven Clark Editor’s Note: Beyond the Lab Coat was a feature SBH Medicine launched several issues ago to highlight those physicians who have interesting “back stories” that go well beyond their lives as physicians. This […]

A Farmer Toils in the Bronx

Finding a farm or a farmer anywhere near Third Avenue and 182nd Street, in the heart of the Bronx, would be like locating a hamburger at a vegan conference. But, until the weather recently closed it […]

In Fear of Cyberattacks

By Sam Cooks, Vice President/Chief Information Security Officer Hospitals are among those under assault from hackers. According to an article this summer in Crain’s Health Pulse, health care providers, health plans and related business associates have […]

Pandemic Rocks Cancer Care

The pandemic socked cancer with a gut punch. Not only did COVID-19 cause many cancer patients to become seriously ill and die, but fear of catching it kept others from seeking diagnosis – even after the […]

Population Health Takes off at SBH

By Moray Joslyn, Senior Director, Quality and Performance Improvement In the population health department, a care coordinator is speaking to a patient in Spanish. He describes the benefits of a home testing kit for colon cancer […]

A Medical Mystery

For infectious disease doctors, it’s part of the job description. In addition to treating acute and chronic infections caused by bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses, these specialists treat acute infections of unknown etiologies. Which means they […]

Picture of Dr. Telzak, Chair of SBH Department of Medicine

A Career Framed by Two Pandemics

Here are excerpts from a sermon that Dr. Edward Telzak, chair of the department of medicine at SBH and an infectious disease specialist, gave at his synagogue in Brooklyn on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. […]